Agile Coaching

Agile Coaching

Learn how Agile can make your teams stronger, your processes leaner, and your development cycles shorter.

Agile for you?

Is software development your line of business? Or are you a producer of industrial products?
Allow your teams from all market sectors to take a leap towards flexibility and efficiency with our Agile Training and Agile Coaching sessions:
  • Financial Services institutions
  • Manufacturing firms (industrial products)
  • Pharmaceuticals / Life Sciences companies
  • Healthcare
  • Public sector enterprises
  • Family businesses

Why Agile?

verified_userControl your risks

Agile companies generate more value in less time with less risk as Agile practices lower risks by providing the opportunity to respond early in the delivery lifecycle. Agile businesses are more transparent with respect to risks and other issues, and they prioritise and redefine scope more speedily than others. They deliver bang on time.

insert_chartReduce your costs

Agile companies manage to reduce their operating costs and improve their margins to provide much needed room for their digital business transformation.

settings_input_hdmiEmpower your teams

Agile Coaches operate at multi-team level by engaging unexploited synergies and energies within and outside the different teams. The keyword is team empowerment. Agile teams are cross-functional and self-organising, and they facilitate cleverer and more efficient utilisation of resources.

How does Agile Coaching work?

Agile must be rooted in a full-scope transformation approach that requires establishing and driving change throughout the entire transformation cycle.

Our coaches need to be agile in the true sense of it, as there is no singular, overall methodology that applies to Agile Coaching. Agile coaches observe teams and deliver detailed feedback. Coaches act as councillors and their main goal is to empower teams to find their own, tailor-made solutions to their issues. Scrum, for instance, is such a methodology/framework and used most notably for agile project management in software development. Scrum is empirical, incremental and iterative.
Did you know?
Did you know that Agile is perfect to develop business solutions because it has built-in controls that ensure your product is driven by – and for – your business exactly?
Patrik Rüegge

Beyond tangible results, Agile projects also yield valuable intangible benefits such as greater business-technology alignment and improved team morale.

Patrik Rüegge, Director for Enterprise Agility & Digital Banking

What you get

Book a PwC Agile Coach or Scrum-Master to train your company’s teams on-site or at PwC's Experience Center. As Agile consultants we support your teams on their journey through Agile transformation with a range of services:
  • Agile maturity and Agile methodologies assessments
  • assistance to install control functions to further empower Agile teams
  • foundational, in-depth Agile training and on-going coaching

Agile, fast and productive

Agile as a methodology strives to continuously deliver iterative working product increments. It is an innovative alternative to the traditional and less flexible waterfall methodology, which only delivers a complete solution at the end of an often lengthy development cycle. 

Shorter development cycles allow teams to adapt to changing business priorities, increase productivity, and enhance quality through continuous feedback loops.


The first four steps on your Agile journey



Assess the benefits of Agile transformation in your company and get people from teams on all levels on board.


Define and adopt the most suitable Agile methodologies, then train and coach your teams.

Set up

Set up all Agile requirements and test processes.


Integrate and implement, and provide continuous transformation support.

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Your experts for Agile Coaching

Patrik Rüegge
Patrik RüeggeDirector for Enterprise Agility & Digital Banking
Robert Ballantine
Robert BallantineAdvisory Partner, PwC Switzerland
Jörg Thews
Jörg ThewsInsurance Advisory Leader, PwC Switzerland