PwC’s App Care Operations

PwC’s App Care Operations

Do you want to reboot your applications and give them a new lease of life? We have the solution.

Operation-as-a-Service – energise high-performance applications

The digital revolution has turned IT and business applications upside down. The breakneck speed of development in data analysis, automation, connectivity and Artificial Intelligence is an innovation accelerator, it is fostering new skills and requirements – and outsourcing business processes. 

Operation-as-a-Service (OaaS) allows us to operate and service your applications, and develop them further to match them perfectly to your needs and those of your customers.


Operation-as-a-Service has countless advantages

Four key factors why using OaaS makes perfect sense:
Four key factors for OaaS:
Professional support for apps

Customers that have had software specifically developed for them often lack the necessary know-how to successfully manage and further develop these applications in their companies. The developer’s OaaS takes care of this issue.

Liberate your IT resources

Successful application maintenance requires a broad knowledge of various sectors – from the deployment pipeline to infrastructure and coding. An OaaS provider will liberate your IT resources and provide you with the necessary knowledge.

Boost efficiency

OaaS providers are in charge of a wide range of apps, which enables them to make the necessary investments in process automation and resource scaling in order to boost efficiency, and reduce susceptibility to errors. 

Transparency above all

In many cases, OaaS mandates are tied to a specific software to which incurring costs will be attributed, which in turn allows for a straightforward and transparent calculation and allocation of the total operating costs.

Up-to-date applications thanks to PwC’s App Care Operations

PwC’s App Care Operations is the perfect solution for managing individually developed software applications. Our experts offer you services that have been tailored to meet your challenges – for all your applications:
  • Service desk
  • Incident management
  • Know-how management
  • Application monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Security scanning / WAF management
  • Change / feature request
  • Cloud infrastructure management

PwC’s App Care Operations is OaaS – and much more

Our App Care Operations is much more than a simple operation and maintenance service for your applications. We suggest possible adaptation measures, assist you with new technologies, implement new functions, and overhaul and reboot software components. We analyse the current state and define with you what services appear to be necessary and suitable. The customer is king, your satisfaction is our ultimate goal.

Thomas Roeder

With App Care Operations we provide you with an OaaS that fits like a glove. Rest assured that in our hands, your applications will always meet the highest standards in terms of security and accessibility.

Thomas Roeder, Lead App Care Operations, PwC Switzerland

Our App Care Operations team is there for you

The App Care Operations team consists of our service desk operators and site reliability engineers. They supervise and service your applications and adapt them when necessary. This way they can access highly specialised experts from our global PwC network, e.g. from fields such as cyber security, data analytics, and forensics, anytime, anywhere.

Our team is…

PwC’s App Care Operations team is…

Our products and services are the result of our collective PwC know-how. App Care Operations delivers you a practice-oriented service that meets your highest standards. 

Thanks to state-of-the-art tools, the latest technology and consistent automation, we can tackle the tasks on hand in the blink of an eye and lower susceptibility to errors.  

We bundle the tasks on hand and our resources all across our App Care Operations customers to achieve our efficient and highly professional services. 

We adapt to both your needs and the requirements of the respective application. The modular nature of App Care Operations allows you to select or deselect service components.

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Thomas Roeder Lead App Care Operations
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