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Chatbots explained

Collecting specific information from different channels can be time consuming and more often than not, users end up unsatisfied. A Chatbot comes to your customers’ rescue. It is an interactive agent, a digital programme that conducts a conversation by means of auditory or textual methods.

Chatbots revolutionise customer interaction and enhance customer experience by conducting conversations that simulate how your customer would interact as a conversational partner. The results are evident; sustainable customer relationships, customer retention, and increased growth.

How Chatbots optimise your channels

graphic_eqArtificial intelligence

Chatbots are based on machine learning and enable your company to use artificial intelligence in a targeted and profitable way.

trending_upFull service for growth

From concept to fully developed bot – our experts develop and implement Chatbot solutions by calibrating the bot to your and your customers’ demands.

attach_moneySave money

Chatbots reduce costs and increase quality and productivity thanks to faster request handling, fewer errors, and a higher conversion rate.

Dr. Natalia Korchagina

We build perfect Chatbot solutions for your requirements and processes.

Dr. Natalia Korchagina, Data Scientist, PwC Switzerland

Tailor-made Chatbots

Chatbots transform the relationship between brand and customer. However, in order to avoid disappointment, the Chatbot must create valuable conversational interactions between the customer and the machine. Your Chatbot’s purpose therefore has to be carefully defined and calibrated your needs. Our PwC experts develop and implement tailor-made Chatbots. We advise you on the technology, platform and solution best suited to your needs.

Successful Chatbots

We design and build successful Chatbots that create experiences with genuine value for you and your customers.

Consulting and design

Evaluating your needs and analysing your data allows us to advise you on the design, optimisation and implementation of your Chatbot project.


Customised development

Our PwC experts and Chatbot developers ensure rapid implementation of your Chatbot.

Growth hacking

We help you to improve the efficiency of your Chatbot even further by analsing the users' interaction patterns.

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Your Chatbot experts

Dr. Natalia Korchagina
Dr. Natalia KorchaginaData Specialist, PwC Switzerland
Zack Tian
Zack TianDirector, Advisory, PwC Switzerland
Matthias Leybold
Matthias LeyboldPartner, Data & Analytics, PwC Switzerland