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Data Science Machine (DSM)

Boost your company’s opportunities with its data

Turn your data into new business opportunities

PwC’s Data Science Machine (DSM) is an independent AI-based software that turns the data you already own into a fine-tuned and profitable asset. By identifying key business use cases where AI and machine learning can be leveraged to generate real business value, the DSM lifts your data mining capabilities to a new level while bringing governance and transparency to your company’s AI utilisation.

How DSM works

Do you want to identify opportunities where advanced analytics and machine learning can bring value to your business? Our DSM is the answer. It offers an end-to-end solution for predictive analytics and provides the required level of control and transparency for data processing and analytics.

Three steps to trust-worthy AI

The three components of our DSM each play an integral role in ensuring your company’s safe, efficient use of AI and data.


Rapid Data Valuation

Rapid Data Valuation uncovers the predictive potential of a dataset, empowering you to be more proactive in your journey towards machine learning. With the help of Rapid Data Valuation, you gain adapted quality measures and targeted recommendations to improve the utility of your data and to increase its predictive power.


Optimisation Engine

The Optimisation Engine is able to perform model benchmarks and provides you with the best machine learning model to tackle a business question. It generates thousands of models within minutes, offering model comparison, hyperparameter optimization and feature engineering. This quality control is absolutely key in guaranteeing the delivery of the best solution possible to you.


Black Box Illuminator

Last but not least, the Black Box Illuminator provides you the opportunity to shed light on and audit the underlying decision-making processes of your machine learning model. The Black Box Illuminator allows you to gain valuable understanding of your AI solution and at the same time increases trust in your chosen model.

AI is a part of the present, not just the future. This requires AI to be transparent and understandable.

PwC’s Data Science Machine is an independent AI solution that enables companies to transparently build high-performing AI models and to audit their performance.
AI often is a «black box», where data goes in and answers come out – and users and clients do not really understand how any of those decisions and answers were reached. As AI moves more and more from research environments to real-world decision making, it needs to be transparent. EU released new regulatory requirements in May 2018 (within GDPR) that includes a clause about the “right to explanation” for the usage of any algorithm or automated decision making. The explainability of machine learning models is therefore more important than ever, both from a legal and a business perspective.
Making AI intelligible can foster trust, enable control and make the results produced by machine learning more actionable. Enhancing the public’s trust also requires being able to audit AI models and gain valuable understanding of what's behind a given model. DSM does all this and much more.

Your benefits

PwC’s Data Science Machine makes your AI solutions powerful, trustworthy and ethical – and at the same time compliant with the regulatory requirements. It offers you:
verified_userControl and creativity
Our modular offering allows for fast feedback about key features and rapid iteration of problem framing.
play_arrowSpeed and reliability
The level of automation decreases processing time by as much as 80 percent. The use of standardised and validated state-of-the-art algorithms lead to better reproducibility of results.
visibilityTrust and transparency
At every step, the DSM provides insights about the underlying decision-making processes and is able to shed light on the most complex «black boxes».

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Gregor Kalberer
Gregor KalbererDirector, Data & Analytics, PwC Switzerland