Design Sprint

Design Sprint

Smart solutions to your most pressing business challenges.

How does a Design Sprint work?

Grab the challenges of the digital future and make the most of them. Do a Design Sprint to find solutions to pressing and seemingly insoluble business issues in just five days. A Design Sprint means doing the right things to solve big problems.
A Design Sprint is a down to earth, practical approach to address your important business challenges. It is a bold, experimental method to define goals and to generate ideas. By directly prototyping, testing and validating solutions with the help of genuine customers, you can achieve tangible results and make an informed decision in no time at all.
Yes, it works: Complete your five-day journey with the sound knowledge that your chosen and prototyped idea is either worth developing or needs to be taken back to the drawing board. You will also have gained the confidence that you as a team agree on the order of the issues and priorities on hand. A Design Sprint helps you find out which product or service works before you bring it to market.

Accelerate innovation with a Design Sprint

format_list_numbered_rtlIdentify and prioritise solutions

Do you need to address important challenges within your company, but you don’t know how to proceed? Are you struggling to pool ideas and then select the one that will bring your company forward? You are not alone. This is where a Design Sprint comes to the rescue. Experience a new way of how to generate and prioritise ideas.

developer_boardReduce risks by validating prototypes
Great new ideas entail certain risks. It is hard to predict what the necessary investment will eventually yield. The concept of prototyping and testing ideas early and repeatedly can reduce this risk dramatically. Prototyping and validating your idea during the sprint week, will get you immediate, valuable feedback from your target audience.
access_timeMake better-informed decisions early

A Design Sprint allows you to significantly speed up your decision making process. The five-day sprint provides you with all the knowledge you need for a rapid, informed decision. It brings your ideas to life and shows you which ones you want to pursue – so that you can make the right investments in the digital space.

Robert Ballantine

With a Design Sprint you find out which product or service works – in just five days.

Robert Ballantine, Advisory Partner, PwC Switzerland

Achieve the seemingly unachievable

Request your Design Sprint to make fast and informed decisions in three easy steps:
  • Frame the challenge
  • Define the team
  • Schedule the sprint week
What you get
  • Prioritised solution ideas and approaches
  • Validated prototypes based on customer feedback
  • Reduced investment risk due to early testing
  • Ability to create tangible solutions quickly and efficiently

Sprint towards your digital future

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Robert Ballantine
Robert BallantineAdvisory Partner, PwC Switzerland
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Jörg ThewsInsurance Advisory Leader, PwC Switzerland