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Design Sprint for AI

Unlock the AI potential of your business

Identify and validate AI opportunities in a week

Start your AI journey as we work to help you uncover the best AI opportunities for your business:
  • Tell us which pain points you currently face – we will deliver the quickest, most realistic AI design.
  • Tell us how you want to outperform your competition – we will tell you how this is possible with AI.
  • Tell us where you would like to save costs and deliver more quickly – we will show you how to make this happen with AI.
Though this may seem like a daunting task, our programme will help you create a plan for assessing AI augmentation within a week.
The Design Sprint for AI is a structured, collaborative workshop format that enables you to clearly identify the business areas with the most potential for AI augmentation, create prototypes for AI implementation, and then assess the potential of these prototypes.

Realize your AI opportunity

format_list_numberedBusiness area prioritization
The Design Sprint for AI delivers a prioritization of the business areas with the greatest AI augmentation potential.
createAI solution design

The Design Sprint for AI, created by PwC's AI experts, delivers a high-level AI roadmap that is tailored to your business.

buildAI experience prototype
The Design Sprint for AI delivers an experience prototype of your AI solution that is evaluated by real users.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has the power to change almost everything about the way we do business—and could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

PwC, 2019 AI Predictions

How does the Design Sprint for AI work?

The Design Sprint for AI is a five-day workshop that brings you together with our data scientists, business experts and users to ideate, prototype and test your specific opportunities for AI augmentation.
Together, we will:
  • Discuss the particular challenges of your business and explore opportunities.
  • Identify the business areas with the greatest AI augmentation potential.
  • Deep-dive into business areas and identify the components to be augmented.
Our AI experts will then:
  • Create the AI solution design and experience prototype for identified business areas.
  • Evaluate this design with real users and assess the technical viability with AI experts.

Sprint towards your AI future

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Your Design Sprint for AI experts

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Peter KasaharaManaging Partner Digital Intelligence and Customer Centric Transformation
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