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Digital Fitness app

Digital upskilling for everyone

Maximise your digital fitness

Digital fitness is the key to the future. We would like to help you unlock the future of technology and inspire new ways of working and different ways of thinking. The PwC Digital Fitness app empowers you to stay relevant, boost your digital prowess and have better access to resources to navigate the digital world.
From now until 30 June 2021, our Digital Fitness app is available to all private users and companies free of charge. Share it with your family, friends and the broader community and get ahead of the digital curve.
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Download the PwC Digital Fitness App in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and start your digital journey using the code LRNALL.

Innovation doesn’t simply happen. Innovation starts with you.

Digital prowess doesn’t happen overnight; take small steps towards building your technological confidence with the Digital Fitness app.

Our responsibility

We all share responsibility for each other and for our communities. At home, at work, and where we play.

group_addFriends and community
From self-aware robots to smart clothing to an unhackable Quantum Internet, there are a lot of cutting-edge inventions in the works that will impact our daily lives. Additional benefits and topics:
  • Learn about the new privacy laws and how they impact you
  • Discover how innovation happens
Explore our online resources on how to manage stress and how to talk with your children about challenging subjects. Be inspired while learning about what’s new in the new digital world. Additional benefits and topics:
  • Educational resources
  • Preparing for the future of work
Hear first-hand from industry leaders and experts about how business is changing and what companies need to do to earn trust in the current climate. Additional benefits and topics:
  • Tools for working remotely
  • Roles of the future
schoolEducation professionals
Technology and today’s realities have changed the way we conceptualise and use learning spaces. Find out more about learning in the digital age. Additional benefits and topics:
  • Understanding new technologies and their impact on learning
  • Applying design thinking to problem solving
Andreas Staubli

As a leading auditing and consulting company in Switzerland, it is a given for us to support society and the economy. With the Digital Fitness app, we are offering companies, and the wider local population, a resource for digital further education in this time of crisis, which users can easily integrate into their everyday lives.

Andreas Staubli, CEO, PwC Switzerland

Yes, there’s an app for this

The Digital Fitness engine and associated app is based on leading academic research from PwC’s Katzenbach Center – experts in organisational behavioural and cultural change – combined with over a decade of researching digital leaders.

Get started and begin your first digital fitness workout!

The only things you need are your smartphone and the access code: LRNALL


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The Digital Fitness app is here to help

Commit to your learning goals with our Digital Fitness app.

PwC Digital Fitness app
Corporate clients Price upon request
The paid version of the app includes:
  • Access to all learning content
  • Fitness assessment and score
  • Personalised learning plan
  • Progress and success analysis
  • Detailed usage reporting
  • Premium support
  • Adaptation to your company

For corporate clients

Keep your staff digitally fit and prepared for the future.
Would you like to further improve the digital fitness of your company’s employees? Enter your business e-mail address to receive more information. We’ll contact you.

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Andreas Staubli
Andreas StaubliCEO, PwC Switzerland
Jose Marques
Jose MarquesPartner, People and Organisation, PwC Switzerland
Lisa Daniells
Lisa DaniellsDirector, People & Organisation, PwC Switzerland