Growth Hacking Workshop

Growth Hacking Workshop

Take growth to a new level. Pinpoint your successful Growth Hacking strategy and go all the way with an efficient digital marketing approach.

Why Growth Hacking?

show_chartGenerate growth

The internet has provided the world with an entirely new way of doing business – and a wholly new set of marketing tools altogether. Growth Hacking is an extraordinary digital marketing strategy for generating exponential growth for your business, optimisation and ultimately customer retention.

attach_moneySpend less

Marketing spends revenue. However, you may ask yourself, if that money is always spent wisely. You want to focus on growth, spend revenue smartly and be sure that your marketing efforts are highly effective at the same time. Growth Hacking is the tool that will ensure you rapidly and effectively meet your growth goals.

format_shapesA practical approach

Test drive your strategy and campaigns in order to fully understand the needs and desires of your customers and embark on persuasive marketing by validating your ideas at every stage. Product improvement is a most welcome by-product of Growth Hacking, which also focuses on innovation, scalability and connectivity to build brands and improve profits.

How does Growth Hacking work?

The goal of Growth Hacking is to target exponential growth based on data and experiments. It involves a series of marketing experiments such as tweaking the user experience of a webpage, different online campaigns or trying a new method of product distribution. All measures are geared towards growth and driven by data.

What is more, Growth Hacking can lead to businesses spending less, having greater impact and gaining better insights about their customers and customer retention to improve their products. Growth Hacking is a highly practical approach when it comes to the effectiveness of a product and the manner in which a company sells that particular product.

Benefits of Growth Hacking

Growth Hacking benefits
  • Growth mindset
  • Branding and identity
  • Customer motivation and retention
  • Optimisation of product shelf, and lead generation
  • Testing and iterating
  • Accelerated and long-term sustainable growth of user bas
Growth Hacking benefits
  • Optimal user experience
  • Expansion of customer base
  • Efficient use of social networks
  • Brand building
  • Lower cost per customer acquisition
  • Content marketing, website analytics, A/B testing
  • Accelerated growth

From lab to fab and action

Pinpoint your individual successful growth strategy by Growth Hacking in a lab environment.

It’s a great way to perform and test fast campaigns and experiments in an easy-to-execute and agile, interactive way to get yourself into gear for Growth Hacking your target market based on 5 steps in the marketing funnel:
  • Acquisition - Make your potential customers find you
  • Activation - Turn your website’s visitors into customers
  • Retention - Ensure sustainable customer satisfaction
  • Revenue growth - Generate more sales
  • Fanbase - Turn your customers into fans

What you get

Usability review of website
  • Analysis of your website for usability heuristics
  • Documentation and reporting with options for action
Growth Hacking strategy
  • Growth Hacking fitness assessment per country and business areas
  • Vision and definition of ambition level per business field and country
  • Create and define initial product backlog for Growth Hacks
Support package
  • Definition and development of new Growth Hacks
  • Evaluation and optimisation of existing Growth Hacks
  • Implementation of new Growth Hacks

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