PwC’s Immersion Sessions

Who says there are no short cuts to innovation?

Dive into new ideas and define your digital strategy

PwC’s experts take a holistic approach and reveal the big picture. Clients seeking digital strategies usually have to involve several parties such as a consultant, a digital creative agency, a designer, a software company and an implementation and maintenance provider. PwC’s Experience Center is all that in one, as all knowledge is available in-house. 
From strategy to implementation, everything is provided on a one-stop basis, which significantly reduces our clients’ coordination efforts and expenses.
  • Learn how to transform a regional company into a global player.
  • Learn how to create the next business model.
  • Learn how to own the entire customer experience.

How does an Immersion Session work?

The idea of an Immersion Session is to make the frequently intangible digital revolution tangible – and to produce real results. It is an innovations workshop and gives you the opportunity to think about your future and find innovative ways of using digital technology to create new environments. With the help of our PwC experts you generate ideas, develop solutions and directly transform them into implementable prototypes.

From idea through innovation to impact

Unearth new value

You don’t need another analysis of what others are already doing. We help you to understand the unmet needs and desires of your customers and develop unique ideas that bring real value.

Accelerate tomorrow

We deliver solutions to complex problems, fast. Work that usually takes weeks of traditional processes is completed in days. We achieve this by designing, structuring, and managing parallel work processes, to build, to test and to iterate.

Break down silos

When the solution calls for complete change from boardroom to basement, we help you set the stakes and break down the barriers to transform your business.

Rolf-Christian Andersen

My team and I had a very inspiring and productive immersion session. Our hosts were really skilled at adapting their approach to our level of knowledge of emerging technologies and involving us all in the creative process. We came away with some great ideas and exciting new approaches. The experience has had a lasting impact: what we learned continues to resonate, and we still talk a lot about what we learned and how to apply it.

Rolf-Christian Andersen, Head of Group Internal Audit / Baloise Group

Get ready for the future in five steps


Define the challenge

Define the session agenda and activities, desired answers, outcomes and outputs for the session.
(Pre-session 3-4 weeks)

Gather insights

Ask the right questions and use the right methods to discover your customer’s patterns of behaviour and needs.
(Pre-session 3-4 weeks)

Immersion Session

Rapidly learn, ideate, iterate and prioritise ideas with key influencers from your organisation and our best team.
(Session 2-3 days)

Build prototypes

Pull-through work on the ideas generated in the session. This helps to ensure continuity in order to keep accelerating the new project.
(Post-session 1-2 weeks)

Validate and refine

Validate your ideas one to two weeks after the Immersion Session: get user feedback on your prototype and pitch your ideas to key stakeholders.
(Post-session 1-2 weeks)

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