Incentive plans for startups

Incentive plans for startups

A compensation framework for high-potential talent

Are you interested in setting up a compensation framework for high-potential talent, to support your business goals and increase tax and cost efficiency?

It is crucial to have the right employees on board, especially if you are a startup or a small- or medium-sized enterprise (SME). A well-designed total compensation framework is key to meet the expectations of your high-potential employees and key stakeholders. In particular long-term incentive plans (LTIs, often also called LTIP or ESOP) can accelerate your business performance while providing you with a lot of flexibility – provided they are tailored to your needs and business strategy.
We offer comprehensive advice on tax, legal, finance and human capital related matters, tailored to startups and SMEs.

How PwC can help you accelerate your business performance

We help you accelerate your business performance by putting tangible and transparent employee incentives in place. We offer efficient support with designing and implementing your LTI, including workshops tailored to startups and SMEs:

  • You will learn the fundamentals of long-term incentive plans (i.e. what are the possible instruments and what are its mechanics).
  • ​You will gain insights on market best practices, in the context of your business.
  • ​You will understand the relevance of the Swiss income tax treatment, especially if you wish to allocate real shares to your employees.



Your benefits


A proper design reduces risk, avoids adverse surprises and prevents potential issues that might come up in the future.


Our offering is tailor-made to the needs of your company and enhances the effectiveness of your company's framework for high-potential talents.


Well-designed LTIs are easy to administer and easy to communicate to stakeholders and employees.


This offering is tailor-made to the resources of SMEs and startups.

publicBest practice

You benefit from the full breadth and depth of PwC's experience, including our experts' deep knowledge of tax rules and latest market trends.


A LTI can help to accelerate your company's performance.

Are you ready to set up the optimal compensation framework for your company?


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Angela BucherSenior Manager, People and Organisation
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