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Process Insight Explorer

Operational excellence through
Process Insight Explorer

Gain full transparency

PwC’s Process Insight Explorer is a next-gen Qlik-based solution to digitally transform and optimise your business processes, giving you the capability to gain full transparency and understanding about business processes based on their digital footprint in IT systems.

Aligning your processes to the needs of today

In a fast-moving era, where organisations are transforming and businesses need to keep up, your operational processes need to perform just as well. To be able to compete in a disrupted market, companies need to ensure processes are effective, time-wasters are eliminated and unquantified costs are identified. Only then, can business objectives be met.

PwC’s Process Insight Explorer brings all aspects of your process into alignment and identifies opportunities for improvement by:

  • providing valuable insights and smart visualisations
  • enabling different perspectives on operations
  • continuously monitoring key performance indicators
  • providing real-time dashboards
  • offering benchmarking capabilities and gap analysis
  • allowing scenario testing and simulation.

Our solution automates the discovery of your inimitable digital fingerprints to visually map your process and delimit each step. It detects vulnerabilities, inefficiencies, bottlenecks, risk factors and diversions that keep you trapped and slow.


Process Insight Explorer at a glance

  • Innovative process-analysis solution based on digital footprint from IT systems
  • Utilised through latest data analytics technology from Qlik
  • Complete process transparency based on factual data
  • Enables you to monitor process performance
  • Creates substantial process insight that can be transferred into actions in order to improve processes
  • Possibility of real-time & near real-time process monitoring and built in connectors to any common IT system
  • Multidimensional Analyses processes from all possible perspectives.
  • Objective Shows the true picture based on the original source data. No subjective information from interviews.

Your benefits

change_historyFactual gap analysis

Identify your bottlenecks and redundancies easily, using factual data from your IT systems.

assessmentObjective results and dashboards

Visualise your process flows and inefficiencies at the click of a button. Analyse your results and understand your data in a clear and user-friendly way.

desktop_windowsContinuous monitoring

Clearly identify ‘quick wins’ and continuously monitor process improvement through regular assessments.

event_availableTrust and confidence

Enable enhanced reporting to the Board through objective, factual findings – while minimising disruption to the audited department.


Add value while achieving significant savings compared to traditional process improvement methods.


Enjoy a clear, independent overview of the current state of processes.


Integrate our Process Insight solution into any BI solution to avoid additional software needs.

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