Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Make your customers happy by letting them customise your products.

Why build a Product Configurator?

A Product Configurator allows customers to configure their products by selecting various desired options. Meet the demands of your customers, create new business opportunities and increase operational efficiency at the same time. Allow your customers to truly engage with your brand; and retain them.

Best product, best experience

An interactive Product Configurator allows customers to configure every component of a product. It presents your customers with a finished product that meets their requirements without them having to guess what the end result might look like. Changes can be previewed, and by layering images representing different product parts you can create a true representation of the product and offer a genuine I-built-my-own-product experience. In other words, what you get is what you see.

Cases, from B2B to B2C

Product Configurators can be used for all products and goods that have variable components – from escalators and furniture to sneakers and marketing campaigns. Our PwC experts have built Product Configurators for a variety of businesses in many different sectors.

cloud_uploadElevators and escalators

Our Product Configurator greatly simplifies design issues in architect and building planners’ projects. Finding suitable elevator or escalator models, for instance, has suddenly become considerably easier.

format_align_leftMedia and advertising

Our Product Configurator for outdoor advertising features an interactive map of Switzerland to establish the reach of your advertising efforts in different regions. Just a few clicks will compile target regions, request offers and quotes to optimise your marketing campaign.

buildBuilding and decorating industry

Our Product Configurator allows builders and interior decorators to select suitable tools and equipment from an array of suppliers.

weekendFurniture manufacturers

Our product configurator virtually assembles individual shelf systems.

helpYour industry

Contact us to find out what solutions we can offer for your industry.

David Hager

A Product Configurator essentially is a strategy that targets customer painpoints.

David Hager, Product Owner, PwC's Experience Center Switzerland

Choose the approach that best suits you and your business

Smallstarting from CHF 20'000.-
  • Analysis of your business
  • Design sprint for your Product Configurator prototype
Strategy and Prototyping
Mediumstarting from CHF 45'000.-
  • Immersion Session for your strategic orientation
  • Design sprint for your Product Configurator prototype

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David Hager
David HagerProduct Owner, PwC's Experience Center Switzerland