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Project collaboration platform

Enhance our collaboration in engagements and projects

PwC provides an easy solution

Do you want to have real-time data and a one-stop shop with everything you need for your mandates with PwC?

PwC offers a unique and tailored solution to give you a high-level overview of projects you have with us. As well as a customised dashboard and the ability to document relevant assignments, deadlines and project flows, there is also the possibility to assign tasks and send information to others.

The project collaboration platform uses advanced technology to create reports based on selected data. This not only improves and simplifies collaboration, but also makes it more professional and efficient.

What the project collaboration platform can offer

The project collaboration platform provides all of the participants in a project with an overview and ensures transparency.

With the platform, you can:

  • create project plans and workflows
  • assign tasks to people
  • manage documents so everyone has secure access to the latest versions
  • use the calendar to highlight critical dates and deadlines for deliverables, milestones and tasks
  • create reporting dashboards that give a holistic view of the entire project and identify any dates at risk
  • carry out reporting
  • New: store all information exchanged with PwC at one place in the communication control portal and keep an overview of all your requests including a status
  • create subgroups, e.g. for entities, countries or projects, and use the various platform functions within each group
  • include only the needed apps and filters for even more efficiency – the platform can be customised entirely according to your needs.


How the project collaboration platform works


First, PwC will customise your personal site in line with your project.


Together we’ll design a framework that fits your business needs.


We’ll then onboard you and your team, showing you how to use our platform.


We’ll collaborate together in real time.


You’ll always know the status of your/our deliverables.

Benefits of PwC's project collaboration platform

What are the benefits of this new way of collaborating?

Our platform meets the highest standards of data security and is accessible 24/7, with the best technical support in industry.

You will benefit from the following:

searchGuaranteed transparency
attach_moneySavings in terms of time and money
timerNo missed deadlines
cachedNo need for software to be installed
show_chartImproved efficiency
thumb_upA user-friendly design

Request more information

If you would like to hear more about the PwC's project collaboration platform please leave you details below. We will then contact you to provide you with more information.


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