The Swiss VAT law continues to change

Since 1 January 2018, any person or business with global turnover of CHF 100'000 or more may be liable to VAT starting from the first franc of turnover in Switzerland. As of 1 January 2019, also e-commerce businesses shipping packages to Switzerland will become VAT liable. This means that if you want to continue doing business in Switzerland, you need to register with the tax authority. 

If you are looking for a solution that allows you to continue doing business in Switzerland without breaking the bank, PwC's Smart VAT may be the right solution for you.


Your VAT registration with PwC in four easy steps

The VAT registration in Switzerland requires a Swiss fiscal representative with a physical address. The Smart VAT platform simplifies this process for you. All necessary steps can be performed on this platform. This includes filing VAT returns.


Find out if you need to register for Swiss VAT

Still not sure if you need to register, or if Smart VAT is right for you? Please contact us on


Sign up to Smart VAT

Sign up to Smart VAT to register for VAT and appoint PwC as your fiscal representative. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Because we are required to carry out regulatory checks you will receive your Smart VAT login after approximately three to five working days.


Register for Swiss VAT

Complete the questionnaire for VAT registration with PwC as your fiscal representative. You will receive your official Swiss VAT number and be able to invoice VAT. The VAT registration process will take approximately three weeks. 


Declare your Swiss sales and purchases

Every quarter, you can declare your Swiss sales and purchases using the online form provided by Smart VAT. Smart VAT will remind you to submit your VAT return. You have sixty days from the end of every calendar quarter to complete this task and pay any VAT due. A surplus of input VAT will be repaid to you sixty days after you have filed your VAT return. 


Why use Smart VAT?

Save time

Registering on the Smart VAT platform only takes a couple of minutes. No long phone calls, no time-consuming clarifications. Register and get started.

Save money

PwC's Smart VAT will help you be more effective and save you money. Signing up on the platform is free of charge. The only thing you pay is a small annual fee for us to serve as your fiscal representative.

Be safe

Once VAT registered, you can continue doing business in Switzerland without interruption. We will help you be VAT compliant in Switzerland, with the smallest effort from your side.

Would you like to hear more?

If you would like to hear more about the rules and our offering please leave you details below.

We will then contact you to provide you with more information.


The offering consist of a One-off fee to set up Smart VAT and a Recurring fee to run Smart VAT. These fees are fully charged up front by credit card for the entire duration of your subscription. 

One-off fee
CHF 250/490 One time fee
  • You already have a Swiss VAT number but change your fiscal representation to PwC - CHF 250
  • You do not have a Swiss VAT number yet, but need registration and want PwC to be your fiscal representation - CHF 490
Recurring fee
CHF 210/250 Subscribe for 18 or 12 months - per quarter
  • PwC acts as your fiscal representative
  • You get full access to Smart VAT and can file VAT returns
  • Further assistance is available on request

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