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Need help with Swiss VAT? PwC’s Smart VAT at your service!

Do you do business with goods and services in Switzerland? Then you need to find out if new Swiss VAT rules affect you, even if Swiss tax doesn’t otherwise apply to you. The Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) has implemented two major changes to value added tax law that could directly impact your operations and mean that you have to register for VAT and pay VAT in the Swiss Confederation.

To help you comply with the new rules, we’ve designed an incredibly easy external solution called Smart VAT that could cost you as little as CHF 70 (equivalent to around USD 70) a month.

The first, straightforward step is online registration. Simply use your personalised login details to access the web platform, located on a server run by PwC in Switzerland, and Smart VAT will guide you through the VAT registration process in Switzerland – plus the steps involved in submitting your quarterly VAT returns. To make sure you don’t miss any deadlines, you’ll also receive notifications whenever you need to submit data or documentation.

VAT: Switzerland continues to change the law

Since 2018, any company – including foreign companies –doing taxable business in Switzerland with global turnover of more than CHF 100k (around USD 100k) has been required to register with the Swiss VAT authorities.

From 2019, if you ship low-value consignments worth a total of CHF 100k or more to Switzerland, you need to register immediately for VAT purposes in Switzerland.

The new rules from 2019 are designed to keep pace with the increasing importance of online shopping in Switzerland.

  • While the country has only 8.2 million inhabitants, it ranks second in Europe in terms of online shopping.
  • Three out of four Swiss citizens buy online
  • 130 million packages approx. are sent to Switzerland every year − the majority of which are online orders.

VAT registration Switzerland: find out if you need to register

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Be compliant for VAT in Switzerland

  • You have to submit four quarterly VAT returns (via e-filing) and prepare one annual VAT reconciliation (to be filed if applicable)
  • For companies established abroad
    - You need a fiscal representative with a physical address in Switzerland.
    - You need to provide a security deposit for VAT due (the amount will be assessed by the Swiss VAT authorities).

What are the benefits of PwC’s Smart VAT solution?

The offering consist of a One-off fee to set up Smart VAT and a Recurring fee to run Smart VAT. These fees are fully charged up front by credit card for the entire duration of your subscription. 

attach_moneyYou save time and money.
hourglass_emptyYou don’t miss deadlines.
doneYou’re compliant in Switzerland!

How does Smart VAT work?

VAT registration in easy steps


You complete the contact form below.


You answer the questions about your business sent to you by email.


PwC does a regulatory check for client acceptance (taking around five days).


You use the access information sent to you to log on to the Smart VAT platform and start the VAT registration process.


The Swiss Federal Tax Administration will send you your VAT number (usually within three weeks at most).


You enter the relevant figures in the platform for the quarterly submission, PwC submits your data to the Swiss VAT authorities.


Change fiscal representative & get SmartVAT
If you have a Swiss VAT number already, you only need to change your current fiscal representative to PwC.
One-off feeCHF 250
Additional quarterly fee to access SmartVAT:
  • 18 month subscription
    CHF 210 per quarter
  • 12 month subscription
    CHF 250 per quarter
CHF 1 = USD 1 approx.
Get a Swiss VAT number & SmartVAT
Set up PwC as your fiscal representative and obtain a Swiss VAT number.
One-off fee CHF 490
Additional quarterly fee to access SmartVAT:
  • 18 month subscription 
    CHF 210 per quarter
  • 12 month subscription 
    CHF 250 per quarter
CHF 1 = USD 1 approx.

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