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Trade Activator

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Customs & Trade optimisation

90% of companies trading internationally struggle with customs handling and lose 10% of their duty spend, on average, in overpayments, fines and reputational damage.
When companies are faced with unprecedented geopolitical or natural events, such as Trade Wars, Brexit or COVID-19, an optimised supply chain is crucial to keep goods flowing, the business moving and can ultimately mean the difference between success and failure. 
Using analytics to detect non-compliance and optimise customs operations, Trade Activator is the solution to reduce spend on duties, limit risk and set better plans for the future.

What is Trade Activator?

Our Customs and International Trade Analytics solution, Trade Activator, helps reduce duty spend to balance cash flow, recover overpayments resulting from underutilisation of the Free Trade Agreement, or missing preferential documentation.
When operations get disrupted, an agile understanding of trade compliance issues can limit your exposure to harmful press and avoidable fines.
Trade Activator uses machine learning in combination with advanced global trade analytics and supply chain analytics to evaluate transactional trade data from different sources.
Using Trade Activator, we have helped clients in industries ranging from Pharma to Manufacturing identify overpayments, partially or fully recover them for the past 3 years and realise up to millions in annual savings.

With almost zero client involvement, we help clients in:

tollDuty exposure

Reducing duty spend by identifying savings opportunities

searchRisk identification

Identification of inefficiencies and potential non-compliance with customs authorities


Recovery of past duty overpayments

all_inclusiveSupply chain transparency
Achieving supply chain transparency and optimisation through a full analysis of past and current global trade operations

Ensuring correct products tariff classifications

find_replaceFuture planning

Assessing and predicting custom costs, based on geopolitical landscape analysis

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These days data hold the key to sustained success in any area of business, and global trade is no exception. We have the analytics technology and consulting expertise to help you take your operation to the next level

Simeon L. Probst, Partner Customs & Trade and VAT, PwC Switzerland


Simeon Probst
Simeon Probst Partner Customs & Trade and VAT, PwC Switzerland
Fatih Sahin
Fatih Sahin Business Intelligence Lead, PwC Switzerland