Tax Advanced Data Analytics

Be aware, be compliant and be in control of your data.

A tighter grip on your data

PwC’s Advanced Data Analytics makes sure you know about irregularities in your tax data before the tax authorities do. Is your tax department relying on spreadsheets and pre-defined rules to ensure the huge amounts of transactional tax data you produce are correct and compliant? 

Then you’re putting your business at risk and missing opportunities to make your information work harder for you. PwC’s Advanced Data Analytics technology (ADA) applies the most advanced technology on the market to give you the comfort that your enterprise tax data are correct and compliant – plus unprecedented control and insight you can translate into greater efficiency, agility and profitability.



Applying a combination of machine learning techniques and traditional tax data analytics enables a review of the entire data set as opposed to just sample testing.


The results will help you prioritise the risks and opportunities most relevant to your business.


Greater control over your risks will enable you to run your business more securely and compliantly.

Five simple steps to get ahead of the tax authorities:


You provide us with your tax data


We use intelligent machine learning to cluster your transactional data and check whether the rules you’re currently applying are correct and meet the tax obligations on a global basis. 


Our specialists check both the rules you use and the transactions that don’t follow your rules. 


We use a tailor-made rule engine reflecting the specifics of your business activities to make sure the machine learns the correct rules.


You receive a web-based dashboard detailing all the risks and opportunities.

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