DAC6 Smart Reporting

Our tool helps you to meet the new mandatory disclosure rules.

What’s DAC6 all about?

DAC6 imposes mandatory disclosure requirements for certain arrangements with an EU cross-border element where the arrangements fall within certain "hallmarks" mentioned in the directive and in certain instances where the main or expected benefit of the arrangement is a tax advantage. There will be a mandatory automatic exchange of information on such reportable cross-border schemes via the Common Communication Network (CCN) which will be set-up by the EU.
Although the directive is not effective until 1 July 2020, taxpayers and intermediaries need to monitor their cross-border arrangements already as of 25 June 2018. Therefore the time to act is now.
This is where our solution «DAC6 Smart Reporting» comes in - make use of technology to ensure DAC6 compliance, 
all while keeping costs under control. Our tool will allow you to:
  • Monitor, identify and capture cross-border arrangements
  • Assess cross-border arrangements
  • Identify responsible party for reporting
  • Report to local Tax Authorities

Why use our tool?

timer Save time

DAC6 Smart Reporting is ready to use and easy to implement. Although it is a standardized solution, it is easily and quickly customizable to your specific needs.

attach_money Save money
By starting today and systematically capturing, identifying and monitoring potentially reportable cross-border arrangements in a structured and auditable way, you will be able avoid future costly and time consuming projects to gather all required information in time to meet your DAC6 obligations.
check_box Ensure compliance and transparency

Not only will DAC6 Smart Reporting ensure you do not miss any upcoming reporting obligations, it will also provide you with a complete and transparent overview of what other intermediaries plan to report about you. 

Additional benefits of DAC6 Smart Reporting

  • Structured Information: Collect the potentially reportable cross-border arrangements in a structured, unified and efficient way.
  • Transparency, Audit Trail and Security: Configurable access management and full history of changes will ensure the capturing, monitoring and assessing of potentially reportable cross-border arrangements will be fully transparent and auditable.
  • Reports and Analytics: The built-in dashboard gives you a complete overview on your DAC6 reporting potential as well as all cross-border arrangements in place (or export the data gathered and use your own BI tools).
  • Collaboration: Users can share knowledge, edit and comment other users’ answers or share questions to previously uninvolved people.
  • Secure Hosting: SmartSurvey for DAC6 can be deployed on your own infrastructure or within PwC’s secure servers located in Switzerland.
Bruno Hollenstein

DAC6 is a real game-changer. Since 25 June 2018 taxpayers are required to disclose certain cross-border arrangements to the relevant tax authorities. Broadly, any transaction involving two countries where one is in the EU will need to be considered. Therefore you need a systematic approach to capture, identify and monitor your cross-border arrangements.

Bruno Hollenstein, Partner Tax & Legal Services, PwC

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