DAC6 Smart Reporting

Our tool helps you to meet the new mandatory disclosure rules

What’s DAC6 all about?

DAC6 imposes mandatory disclosure requirements for certain arrangements with an EU cross-border element where the arrangements fall within certain "hallmarks" mentioned in the directive and in certain instances where the main or expected benefit of the arrangement is a tax advantage. There will be a mandatory automatic exchange of information on such reportable cross-border schemes via the Common Communication Network (CCN) which will be set-up by the EU.

This is where our solution «DAC6 Smart Reporting» comes in - make use of technology to ensure DAC6 compliance, all while keeping costs under control. Our tool will allow you to:
  • Monitor, identify and capture cross-border arrangements
  • Assess cross-border arrangements
  • Identify responsible party for reporting
  • Report to local Tax Authorities


Structured Information and Efficient Data Collection

Efficiently gather potentially reportable cross-border arrangements in a structured, unified, and organised manner.

Transparency, Audit Trail, and Security: Traceable Compliance

Ensure full transparency and auditability by managing access configurations and maintaining a comprehensive change history for monitoring and assessing cross-border arrangements.

Reports, Analytics, and Collaboration: Informed Decision-Making

Access a built-in dashboard for a complete overview of your DAC6 reporting potential and existing cross-border arrangements. Collaborate by sharing knowledge, editing, commenting on answers, and involving previously uninvolved parties in discussions

Secure Hosting: Reliable Data Protection

Utilise DAC6 Smart Reporting through our secure software-as-a-service model, hosted on PwC's trusted servers.

Why use our tool?

Save time

DAC6 Smart Reporting is ready to use and easy to implement. Although it is a standardized solution, it is easily and quickly customizable to your specific needs.

Save money

By starting today and systematically capturing, identifying and monitoring potentially reportable cross-border arrangements in a structured and auditable way, you will be able avoid future costly and time consuming projects to gather all required information in time to meet your DAC6 obligations.

Ensure compliance and transparency

Not only will DAC6 Smart Reporting ensure you do not miss any upcoming reporting obligations, it will also provide you with a complete and transparent overview of what other intermediaries plan to report about you. 

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