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Employee training: Connected Efficiency Studio

Enabling you and your people to get the most out of your cloud solutions

Are you getting the most out of the cloud?

You have a new cloud solution in place (e.g. Microsoft’s M365) and you’ve invested a significant amount of money in it, trusting you and your business will experience all the benefits you’re supposed to get out of it.
Can’t see the benefits yet? Don’t worry, the cloud is there for you and just waiting for your people to fully harness its power. To help you do exactly that, we’ve created the Connected Efficiency Studio.


Why do you need it?

We believe that these cloud technologies are extremely powerful, and although we work with them intensively every day we’re still not actually getting the most out of them. This is because the base framework isn’t enjoyable for most employees: learning how to use these tools - what we call digital upskilling.
Your people are often too busy or feel disconnected from this “new” technology, and that’s where the Connected Efficiency Studio comes in, eliminating the “unenjoyable” parts of digital upskilling and getting you and your people to where you need to be.

What is it?

The Connected Efficiency Studio is our platform that enables and inspires your people to take their skills of daily cloud applications to the next level ‒ and to keep on doing so. To do this, we have modernised business learning and converted it into business entertainment to make learning technical skills not only effective but also a pleasant experience.
To match how we like to learn in our personal time, the Studio is filled with great and short step-by-step learning videos, guides, best practices and more to help your people work better with your cloud technology. This way, they can learn in a low time-investment manner, whenever they need it, without limitations and that all for a fixed monthly subscription.

Want a quick overview?

What do you get out of it?

settingsFunctional learning

Content created on use-cases to help improve daily working and tool usage

fullscreen_exitBite-sized content

All content can be consumed quickly and on-the-go to maximise engagement and return on ‘time investment’

updateRelevant content

Content that is constantly curated, updated, and renewed

accessibility24/7 access

A self-learning platform that is available 24/7 to your people

flash_onAdoption catalyst

Our content and experts help you leverage the platform for further adoption

infoExpert guidance

Our experts guide you and your team at all times

Christoph Schärer

With the Connected Efficiency Studio, you enable your people to get the most out of the cloud, directly benefiting your business and helping create a more satisfying employee experience in a low time investment manner.

Christoph Schärer, Tax and Legal Innovation, Transformation & Disruption Leader, PwC Switzerland

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Jeremy Wikler
Jeremy Wikler Connected Efficiency Studio Lead