PwC and Alteryx Alliance

Digital transformation with Alteryx

Take care of what’s important, let's automate the rest

If you want to increase your consistency, efficiency and quality, Alteryx and PwC will help you accelerate your digital transformation.

Who is Alteryx and why does PwC partner with them?

Alteryx is a global leader in analytic process automation (APA). PwC, which itself uses Alteryx to drive value to its clients across the world, is honoured to be its Global Elite Partner. Together, PwC and Alteryx empower organisations in their digital transformation by automating labour-intensive tasks so their employees can focus on analysis, creativity and innovation.

The Alteryx APA Platform automates tedious and complex processes end to end and turns data into results, enabling organisations to unlock predictive and prescriptive insights that drive quick wins and fast return on investment.



Accessible data and analytics


Automation of manual tasks


Upskilling workforce

What are the unique benefits of the Alteryx/PwC partnership for you?

There’s no point investing in expensive analytics transformation if you don’t modify your structures and processes and upskill your people accordingly. There’s a risk of an “analytics divided” between the data science teams doing the analytics and the knowledge making decisions based on their output.
Alteryx addresses this problem by “democratising” analytics in partnership with PwC. This involves both upskilling knowledge workers across the organisation to produce their own analytical insights and giving data science teams the analytics tools they need.
Within this partnership, PwC supports you with strategy and governance around your automation programme, with a focus on sustainability and agility. Alteryx helps you assess your processes, data sources and pain points to establish priorities and quick wins.

Upskilled employees

Upskilling sessions for your workforce provided by professionals

Customised solutions

Your needs put first to ensure you’re provided with the right services to succeed

Improved agility

Large volumes of data processed quickly to obtain real-time results for analysis and use across various processes

Reduced manual tasks

Reduce the time and money spent on mundane data manipulation activities and utilize the time savings to drive enterprise value.

Insight from large data sets

Manipulate raw data to uncover useful insights and draw conclusions

Cultural change

Employees can focus on analysis, creativity and innovation

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