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Our Regulatory Radar service makes sure you do not lose sight of any regulatory initiatives

Since the global financial crisis, regulatory reform has topped the agenda for financial institutions (e.g. Sustainable Finance, Digitalisation, Investment Management). Regulations have and will continue to radically change the banking landscape as they seek to rebuild the credibility of the financial markets.

There is an inherent risk for financial institutions of missing out on critical topics (e.g. CSRD/ESRS, DORA, SRD II,) or taking required actions too late. Moreover, financial institutions must satisfy regulatory consolidation requirements to varying degrees depending on their structure and cross-border business activities.


Comprehensive Regulatory Insights

Access a wealth of regulatory information, including frequent updates, a forward-looking tool, and a regulatory repository. This ensures that you stay well-informed about regulatory changes and trends, enhancing your ability to adapt and comply.

Efficient Digital Tools

Utilise user-friendly, web-based tools that streamline your regulatory management processes in the digital age. These tools simplify monitoring, analysis, and reporting, allowing you to allocate your resources effectively.

Enhanced Business Success

Drive business success by proactively identifying regulatory impacts and analysing their potential effects. This forward-looking approach enables you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of compliance requirements.

Optimised Resource Allocation

Streamline your regulatory efforts with clear prioritisation and consolidated supervision of regulatory initiatives. This approach allows you to assign tasks and responsibilities effectively while maintaining a structured overview of updates per regulation and their impact assessments.

The Regulatory Radar gives you a comprehensive overview of ALL regulatory updates that are of concern

In recent years there’s been an explosion in the number and scope of financial market regulations. There’s an inherent risk that financial institutions will overlook critical topics or take the necessary action too late – especially if they operate across borders and have to comply with overlapping and sometimes contradictory rules and international standards.

PwC Legal’s Regulatory Radar makes sure you’re always aware of the requirements that affect you in order to not lose sight of any regulatory initiative. It focuses on financial services, in particular banking, asset management and the hedge fund industry. The radar is customised to your business, so first you select your preferences to tell the tool about the entities it’s monitoring for. An easy-to-use wizard lets you replicate your group structure. Once you’ve set up your structure, clicking on the chart shows you the regulations that apply to that particular entity.

Regulatory Updates & Repository

  • Very high degree of customization (e.g. geographic scope, regulatory authorities, regulations and regulatory sources)
  • Tailor-made solution that covers your specific organizational structure
  • Regulatory repository of all relevant regulations

Web-based Tool

  • Web-based application with 24-hour access
  • Easy and efficient handling
  • Clear prioritization
  • Structural regulatory updates
  • Database of past and current initiatives

Impact Analysis

  • High-level impact analysis for each of your jurisdictions, client types, product types, etc.
  • Target-oriented analysis of relevant regulatory initiatives
  • High-level impact assessment for selected regulations
  • Recommended actions

Project Management

  • Keep project overview and structure regulatory implementation
  • Post comments for colleagues or oneself
  • Tracking the internal progress regarding a regulation
  • Notify a colleague of a certain regulation or assign tasks

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