Tax Disruption Academy

PwC has responded to the urgent need for new digital skills by creating the Tax Disruption Academy.

In five compact, hands-on sessions, tax professionals working in businesses will get a thorough tour d'horizon in how to work with data. They’ll understand the new tools and how to apply them in their job to extract, understand, analyse and visualise data. They’ll know how to assure data security in a challenging and fast-moving environment. And crucially, they’ll be able to build a solid business case for investment in data technology for the tax function, and plan accordingly.

Sound like what you need to transform your prospects? Check out the sessions below and sign up for more details.

Address the urgent need for new digital skills and prevent the taxman from surpassing your business insights, seize control of your data now with PwC's Tax Disruption Academy.

The taxman is currently developing digital superpowers. If you thought governments were slow to adopt the latest technology, check out our Tax Disruption Report 2021/2022. With the authorities quickly improving their skill set, tax professionals need superpowers of their own.

To avoid nasty surprises and avoid a situation where the taxman knows more about your business than you do, you need to get a handle on your data. You need to learn how to gather, check, process, analyse and secure it more efficiently – and present it persuasively to your stakeholders. 


Competitive advantage

The Academy's training equips businesses with the knowledge and tools to gain a competitive edge in their industry. By staying up-to-date with the latest technological development a tax function can make better informed decisions that give them a competitive advantage. This may include optimising financial planning and responding more easily to changes in tax laws.

Enhanced tax strategy

Through the Academy's training, businesses can develop a more effective approach to managing their tax obligations. This includes identifying new risks emerging from digitally enhancing tax authorities. Enhanced tax strategy can lead to a stronger brand, cost savings and improved financial performance.

Risk mitigation

The Academy's training helps businesses understand and mitigate potential tax-related risks stemming from digitally enhancing tax authorities.  By effectively managing tax-related risks, businesses can avoid legal complications, financial penalties, and reputational damage

About the sessions:

With a practical, hands-on approach, we aim to give an appreciation of the various technical tools available and their advantages and limitations. Tax professionals can then get a real feeling of the technology and think about how they can be employed in their daily work.

  • 5 sessions in total
  • All sessions are on-site
  • Each session lasts 4 hours


Basic automation (rule-based approach)

  • Common data issues and the tools available for extracting, transforming, blending and leveraging data
  • Introducing you to Extrac, Transform, Load (ETL) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) tools
  • Automating tasks on a small scale


Advanced automation (data-based approach)

  • How machine learning and artificial intelligence can support you
  • The principles behind common ML and AI tools, what they can do, and their limitations
  • Introducing you to natural language processing, large language models and generative AI



  • An overview on how to get your data
  • And how to handle and manage your data
  • Insights into cyber security


Advanced visualistion/ Analytics

  • How to visualise data for meaningful conversations on the basis of your own analysis
  • The benefits of data visualisation programs, and how to use them to build dashboards and do simple analysis for presentations to stakeholders
  • Introducing you to software tools such as PowerBi


The new world of tax

  • Working with external data
  • Overview of the current trends in tax supervision
  • An outlook how tax functions and tax strategy must evolve


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