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ESG mastery in finance: a comprehensive training series by PwC Switzerland and Swiss Learning Hub

This training provides an overview of the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors that are becoming increasingly important in the financial market and particularly the investment industry. But how should financial institutions (banks, asset managers and insurance companies) approach ESG and the risks associated with it? This is where PwC Switzerland as experts in ESG and Swiss Learning Hub as the provider of online training come in. The collaboration resulted in this training series that includes topics such as ESG regulations and disclosures, greenwashing risks, sustainable investing, good practices in ESG risk management, and sustainability data governance and reporting. The training concludes with an assessment and certificate.


Strategic ESG expertise

Gain strategic insights to integrate ESG factors into financial decisions, staying ahead in Switzerland's sustainability-focused market.

Robust Risk Management

Navigate ESG risks effectively, mastering regulations and sustainable investing for resilient financial strategies.

Industry-recognised certification

Join the ESG movement, earning a certification that showcases your commitment to sustainable finance, giving you a competitive edge.

Online training and certification

The online training is aimed at anyone in Switzerland interested in or affected by ESG guidelines and/or regulations. This training consists of five training modules, an assessment and a glossary.


Module 1: ESG regulations and disclosures

This module provides an insight into the global regulatory landscape regarding sustainability, looking at international concepts and EU standards. Moreover, we will take a look at sustainability-related regulations in Switzerland.

This module aims to raise awareness around new regulatory developments regarding ESG and provide a better understanding of the requirements for ESG compliance in the financial sector.


Module 2: Greenwashing and greenwishing

This module provides an overview of the issues related to greenwashing and greenwishing. We look at the definitions, aspects, and what regulators are doing to prevent greenwashing and greenwishing – on international, EU and Swiss levels.


Module 3: ESG investing

In this module, you meet Antonios and Andreas, who share their insights and knowledge about ESG investment in a series of videos. They talk about how the definitions around ESG investments changed over time, the different levels of sustainability, what investors want to achieve, and the drivers of ESG investing.

They continue with insights into opportunities and challenges related to ESG investing before going into the details of each of the six investment strategies.


Module 4: Good practice in ESG risk management

This module contains a practical five-step guide for financial institutions to successfully mitigate sustainability risks. We look at identifying risks, analysing them, how to integrate ESG risks into a risk management framework, as well as monitoring and communicating in the form of disclosure.


Module 5: ESG data governance and reporting

In this module, we look at ESG data providers, challenges with ESG data, and regulations in Switzerland regarding ESG data. The module concludes with a practical example of what an ESG reporting process can look like.


Module 6: Assessment & certificate

To receive a certificate for completing this course, you need to pass an assessment. It contains questions about the content of all modules. You need to answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to pass the assessment. Good luck!

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