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Smart Business Insight Suite

Empower your tax and finance department with cutting-edge technology, ensuring compliance and control of your processes, data, and risks

Get digital – get smart

Revolutionise your tax and finance operations with PwC's Smart Business Insight Suite - a comprehensive and intuitive solution that empowers your team to manage compliance, risks, and regulatory reporting obligations in an increasingly complex environment.  

With our modular tax compliance solution, you can  

    • leverage the latest technologies to streamline processes 
    • identify risks, and initiate countermeasures  
    • collect and analyse financial and tax-related information

    What Smart Business Insight Suite can offer you

    Proven technology platform

    Seamless user experience, rapid deployment, and a proven technology platform backed by tax and finance expertise. 

    Record, track, and evaluate

    Effortlessly manage your operations with our innovative tool, which empowers you to efficiently record, track, and evaluate critical components such as processes, risks, controls, tasks, and responsibilities. 

    Centralising processes

    Centralise financial opportunities, risks, and controls by country and division. Keep a close eye on the status and changes in risk profiles, as you leverage our state-of-the-art system to streamline your financial management process. 


    Encounter self-management under your control, there is no need to rely on a provider once the initial setup is complete. 

    Take a look at the Smart Business Insight Suite modules

    PwC Switzerland has developed a Software as a Service solution that caters to the unique requirements of globally operating businesses with decentralised tax functions. This software suite tackles the complexities associated with finance and tax processes. It comprises three modules, namely Smart Collaboration, Smart Tax Risks and Controls and Smart Survey, each designed to handle process, control, and risk management, as well as information collection. With an intuitive approach and the use of cutting-edge web technology, the Smart Business Insight Suite offers exceptional functionalities.

    Smart Collaboration

    Efficient process management

    PwC's Smart Collaboration is a web-based tool that helps finance and tax departments collaborate more efficiently. Its flexible records area enables customised workflows, standardised processes, and clear responsibilities. The platform's automatic deadline tracking ensures timely completion of tasks, while real-time monitoring provides a global dashboard for monitoring processes across different locations. It is not limited to tax processes, includes the Operational Risk Module, and is recommended for businesses seeking to increase work efficiency and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration. 

    Smart Tax Risks & Controls (TRaC)

    Tax risk management

    Tax authorities and regulators are consistently raising the bar on tax governance. Having formal tax governance processes and a documented tax risk and control (TRaC) framework has now effectively become a legislative requirement for companies around the world.  

    PwC's Smart TRaC is a web-based risk management tool that helps companies comply with tax governance requirements. The tool captures financial opportunities and risks, evaluates them in detail, and monitors their progression using visualizations. It can be integrated into tax workflows and used for reporting to stakeholders. 

    Smart Survey

    Web-based collaborative insights gathering

    Gathering insights from organisations can be a challenging and time-consuming task, but it's a critical component of effective decision-making.  

    PwC’s Smart Survey simplifies the process by using social media-style collaboration combined with strict access management. Our web-based tool allows you to create custom surveys with decision trees and various question types, making it easy to collect structured information efficiently and effectively. 

    Global Compliance Management: Typical Use Cases

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