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PwC Smart Business Insight Suite

Get digital - get smart.
Transform your tax control and risk management processes to stay on top of the developing regulatory requirements.

Get efficient - get smart

The PwC Smart Business Insight Suite is a new modular tax compliance solution comprised of three PwC-developed software products including a process management tool, PwC Smart Collaboration, the lean tax risk management tool, PwC Smart TRaC ("Tax Risk and Controls") and the web-based questionnaire, PwC Smart Survey.

Each module of the PwC Smart Business Insight Suite uses the latest technology available on the market. Our software products champion high performance, lean design and intuitive user interfaces. PwC Switzerland developed these tools in order to enable tax executives that face the ever-changing regulatory requirements with technological-enhanced efficiencies.


PwC Smart Collaboration

Process management

Most tax functions are familiar with the problem: their internal group contacts are spread over many countries. As such, collaboration is challenging – filing deadlines are unknown, the latest version of a document cannot be  found or you were simply not copied into the email in question. To solve this, PwC has developed PwC Smart Collaboration, a web-based process management software.

Your experts: Jochen Richner, Nigel Browne, Julia Sailer, Jérôme Hug

PwC Smart Tax Risks & Controls ("TRaC")

Tax risk management

Tax authorities and regulators are consistently raising the bar on tax governance. Having formal tax governance processes and a documented tax risk and control framework has now effectively become a legislative requirement for companies around the world. To support tax professionals in this respect, PwC has developed PwC Smart TRaC (“Tax Risk and Controls”), a web-based risk management tool. Our solution provides the tax director with a simple and operational approach to tax risk with clear visualisation and analysis that can be used for reports to relevant stakeholders and to prioritise the mitigation and resources in a hectic and complex tax world.

Your experts: Jochen Richner, Christian Meyer, Jérôme Hug

PwC Smart Survey

Web-based collaborative insights gathering

For anybody who needs to collect insights from an organisation, our solution PwC Smart Survey uses the concept of social media platforms, combined with strict access management, to collect insights from organisations in a collaborative manner that is more efficient and effective than traditional interviews. You  can set up your own surveys with decision trees and many different question types, allowing you to use the PwC Smart Survey Software for almost any insight, fact or structured information-gathering project.

Your experts: Jochen Richner, Christian Meyer, Jérôme Hug

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